Hedge Trimming Tips From A Landscaping Pro

whitby landscapers providing landscape maintenanceHedges provide great looking security, shade, and design to a yard. But just like other landscape elements they need to be carefully maintained. That maintenance includes regular trimming and shaping. When you let hedges go without regular care they can look scraggly and ruin the look of a yard or garden. We spoke with StumpTech, stump removal company, that also had some hedge tips for us. So here’s a few tips to help keep your hedges looking beautiful and healthy.

Choose The Right Equipment

Landscape maintenance is no laughing matter. There are a lot of hedge trimmers and cutters to choose from. Make sure that you use the right one to trim the hedges that you have. Pick hedge trimmers that are easy to handle but have enough power to do the job. Some hedges can be very thick in spots so you might need to have two different trimmers to handle different spots on the hedges. You should also always have a hand pruner that you can use to do final shaping. Keep your tools in good repair. Make sure the blades are sharp. Always use safety equipment too so that you don’t hurt yourself when trimming hedges.

Get A Tarp

Garden tarps are useful for a lot of different landscaping chores. When you are pruning edges the cleanup will go much faster if you lay down a garden tarp first. Just move the tarp as you trim to make sure that all the clipping land on the tarp and not on the grass. That way when you’re done you can dump the clippings from the tarp into a compost pile or into lawn bags for pickup. One of the most tedious gardening chores is cleaning up after trimming. A handy tarp will make that process go much faster.

When You Trim Matters

You may not know that there is a right time and a wrong time to trim your hedges. Always trim the hedges at the right point in the growing cycle to make sure you don’t damage the hedge. Early to mid spring blooming hedges should be trimmed immediately after they bloom. Summer blooming hedges should be trimmed in the winter. Light trimming and hand shaping can be done in all seasons safely.

We spoke with a few Whitby landscapers and this list pretty much sums up their tips, we hope it helps you make your lawn look great!